Sideswipe Brewing Company


2419 Scioto Harper Drive, Columbus< OH 43204 Sideswipe Brewing is a nanobrewery in Columbus, Ohio, whose name comes from the owner Craig's history in martial arts. Read Doug's blog post "Sideswipe Brewing - Quietly a big success"

Smokehouse Brewing Co.

1130 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43215 Award-winning microbrew and barbeque near Grandview Heights. Read Doug's blog post "Smokehouse Brewing - nothing complements a good beer like a good meal"

Four String Brewing Co.


985 W. 6th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 Columbus' rock n roll craft brewery with a taproom in the Grandview area and a production brewery on the west side. Read Doug's blog post "Four String - Columbus' Hardest Rocking Tap Room."